Steam Jet Thermal Pump

The low pressure steam sucking into steam jet heat pump can be evaporator secondary steam, waste steam or flash steam generated by condensate
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  • The low pressure steam sucking into steam jet heat pump can be evaporator secondary steam, waste steam or flash steam generated by condensate. The thermal pump can make full use of low enthalpy heat energy and achieve energy saving performance. The energy saving rate of the thermal pump can reach about 35%, and it has good practicability.

    The steam jet heat pump has the characteristics including: simple structure, small investment, reliable operation, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The steam jet heat pump is mainly composed of nozzle, reception room, mixing chamber and diffuser chamber.

    According to the parameters of high and low pressure steam, different structure of the equipment can be designed, and all kinds of pressure grade steam can be obtained to meet the requirements of different heat users.

    Thermal pump working principle:

    The steam pressure is generated by the difference of energy before and after the steam de-compression. High pressure steam generates high speed airflow through the nozzle - low pressure zone is produced at the outlet of the nozzle - Low pressure steam is sucking into the thermal pump in this low pressure zone.

    The high pressure steam compresses the low pressure steam at the same time of expansion, and increases the heat content of the low pressure steam by the residual pressure of the high pressure steam. Then, mix in the mixing chamber. The mixed steam restores the pressure loss through the diffuser chamber and supplies the user with the required steam pressure.

    Technical characteristics of steam jet heat pump

    • Easy operation, easy maintenance and stable steam supply;
    • The efficiency of energy saving is remarkable, and the low pressure steam and flash steam can reused to save energy;
    • The automatic control system can ensure the steam pressure in the flow range of 30~100%, to solve the problem of limited fluctuation on the efficiency of equipment;
    • No mechanical active components, no pneumatic, no electric control system; the design principle is advanced with higher reliability and maintenance free;
    • No leakage, high safety: the complete closed structure of this device, no activity leakage point;
    • Longer lifetime: the inner core is made of high quality stainless steel material, which can meet the requirements of the long-term operation of the equipment, and the design service life is 10 years;
    • Relieving cavitation phenomenon: the liquid level control is stable, which greatly relieves the cavitation and vibration phenomena in the pipeline;

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