TVR Evaporator

TVR evaporator system use ejector thermal pump to recover the secondary steam, reduce the system requirement for fresh steam and achieve energy saving performance
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  • There are two ways to improve the steam pressure and temperature of secondary steams for reuse:

    1. steam mechanical recompression technology MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression)
    2. steam thermal recompression technology TVR (Thermal Vapour Recompression)

    TVR evaporator system use ejector thermal pump to recover the secondary steam, reduce the system requirement for fresh steam and achieve energy saving performance.

    TVR evaporator can be designed to 1~100ton/h water evaporation according to customer needs. The equipment is continuous concentrating equipment, which is composed of TVR steam thermal pump, heating tube, evaporating chamber, condenser, vacuum pump, feeding pump, discharging pump, circulating pump etc.. It is suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological engineering, environmental protection engineering, waste liquid recovery and other industries to concentrate. The equipment uses the TVR thermal pump technology to save a lot of energy. After adding the TVR heat pump, it is equivalent to at least one more effective body.  That is, the steam consumption of four effect +TVR evaporator is almost same as five effect evaporator.

    The characteristics of TVR evaporator:

    • Using the TVR heat pump to recompress part of the secondary steam and reuse the steam for evaporator;
    • The supply of saturated steam above 0.7MPa are required;
    • The performance of TVR is directly related to the saving effect of steam, so it is necessary to use the products with guaranteed operating performance;

    TVR evaporator advantages:

    • Compared with multi effect evaporator, TVR evaporator requires less budget and less footprint at same URS condtions;
    • Compared to MVR, TVR evaporator has a low efficiency utilization rate, but the one-time investment of TVR is much lower than that of MVR.
    • In some of the sites with waste heat resources, TVR can be used to reuse the waste heat resources.

    TVR application range

    It is widely used in the evaporation and concentration of water or solution in medicine, food, chemical industry, light industry and so on, and can be widely used in the wastewater treatment of the above industries.

    • Sodium aluminate lye TVR evaporator system for Bayer process alumina plant
    • Waste water TVR evaporator for paper mill
    • Caustic soda TVR evaporator for Diaphragm caustic soda plant
    • sodium chloride TVR evaporation crystallizer for Vacuum salt making
    • Sodium sulphate TVR evaporator for Mirabilite factory
    • Copper sulfate and nickel sulfate medium TVR evaporation concentration system for Hydrometallurgy plant
    • Phosphoric acid slurry TVR evaporator system for Phosphate fertilizer plant;
    • ammonium chloride TVR evaporator and crystallizer for Soda plant
    • Alcohol TVR Evaporation concentration, citric acid TVR evaporation and sugar syrup TVR evaporation and concentration for light industry

    About HSD TVR Evaporator:

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