MVR Evaporator

MVR evaporator uses the compressor to increase the energy of the secondary steam, and reuse the secondary steam heat the raw material, so as to recover the latent heat of the secondary steam.
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  • MVR evaporator uses the high speed blower or compressor to increase the energy of the secondary steam, and reuse the secondary steam heat the raw material, so as to recover the latent heat of the secondary steam.

    Specifically, the secondary steam produced by the evaporator will be compressed by the centrifugal blower, centrifugal compressor or roots compressor, then the pressure and temperature will be increased and sent to the heating chamber of the heat exchanger to heat the raw material. Therefore, the latent heat of the steam is recovered and utilized.

    Before raw material entering the main evaporator heat exchanger, there are twice heating process. Firstly, the raw material will be heated by condensate from MVR Evaporator in first stage pre-heater, which further improves the heat utilization rate. Secondly, the raw material will be further heated by fresh steam in second stage pre-heater. After twice pre-heating, the temperature of raw material will reach to the boiling temperature set in the MVR Evaporator, and enter to the MVR Evaporator for evaporation process.

    Main features of MVR Evaporator:

    • The evaporation capacity is up to 0.5t/h~100t/h;
    • In normal operation, the system only uses electricity without steam, and the energy consumption of evaporation for per ton of water is 15KW.h to 100KW.h, the running cost is much lower;
    • The most energy-saving evaporator type, mostly for single effect evaporation with smaller heating temperature difference, short residence time, suitable for heat sensitive materials;
    • Compact structure, small footprint;
    • The equipment can realize automatic operation through PLC control system, can achieve long-term continuous stable operation

    MVR Evaporator disadvantages:

    • One time investment is much higher than traditional multi effect evaporator; The compressor/blower cost will account 30% cost in MVR system.
    • For some area with high price electricity but lower price steam, MVR evaporator economic advantage is not obvious. TVR evaporator or multi effect evaporator is recommended.

    Main types of MVR evaporators:

    • MVR falling film evaporator
    • MVR rising film evaporator
    • MVR forced circulation evaporator
    • MVR split evaporator etc.

    Application range:

    It is widely used in the evaporation and concentration of water or solution in medicine, food, chemical industry, light industry and so on, and can be widely used in the wastewater treatment of the above industries.

    • Phosphoric acid slurry MVR evaporator system for Phosphate fertilizer plant;
    • Sodium aluminate lye MVR evaporator system for Bayer process alumina plant
    • Caustic soda MVR evaporator for Diaphragm caustic soda plant
    • sodium chloride MVR evaporation crystallizer for Vacuum salt making
    • Sodium sulphate MVR evaporator for Mirabilite factory
    • Copper sulfate and nickel sulfate medium MVR evaporation concentration system for Hydrometallurgy plant
    • ammonium chloride MVR evaporator and crystallizer for Soda plant
    • Waste water MVR evaporator for paper mill
    • Alcohol MVR Evaporation concentration, citric acid MVR evaporation and sugar syrup MVR evaporation and concentration for light industry

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