FC Crystallizer

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  • FC Crystallizer working principle:

    The crystal chamber has a conical bottom, the slurry is discharged from the cone bottom, and then is sent to the heat exchanger through the axial flow circulating pump. The slurry will be heated or cooled, and then flow back to the crystal chamber. The outlet of the slurry is near the bottom of the cone of the crystal chamber, and the feed port is at the lower position below the discharge port. It can be operated continuously or intermittently.

    FC crystallizer consists of crystallization chamber, circulation pipe, circulating pump, heat exchanger (optional) and so on.

    FC crystallizer can be used for evaporation crystallization, indirect cooling crystallization and flash crystallization.

    When the FC crystallizer is used for vacuum cooling crystallization, no need heat exchanger, but the circulating pump is necessary. The crystallization chamber is connected with the vacuum system to maintain a certain degree of vacuum to achieve the purpose of boiling cooling.


    The FC crystallizer is an initial crystalline form, which can be applied to most of the materials, such as evaporative crystallization, cooling crystallization and flash crystallization process. Such as sodium chloride, barium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, urea, citric acid, ammonium chloride and so on.

    At present, FC crystallizer is widely used in evaporation system.

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