Beer yeast powder contains high quality organic chromium, which can effectively reduce blood sugar. Beer yeast powder also contains DNA and RNA, important key substances for promoting protein growth.

In the early days, beer yeast powder was cultivated with hops, usually called nutritive yeast. As a result of a large amount of minerals, the bitter taste is heavier and the color is black, so it is also called the black beer yeast powder. Later, with the progress of the food industry, the residue of bagasse and molasses, which was left after the sugar production, was developed as raw material for the cultivation of beer yeast powder which had no bitter taste.

With three effect falling film evaporator, one domestic client produce beer yeast powder from Zymotic fluid.

Main characteristics of Zymotic fluids multi effect falling film evaporator:

  1. Because the whole heating system is heated evenly and the liquid is in film type flow evaporation, the heating system has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and short heating time. If equipped with thermal pump or steam compressor, the advantages will be more obvious like energy saving, low steam consumption and low cooling water consumption.
  2. The material accelerates flow evaporation down the inner wall of the tube, and is adapted to the evaporation and concentration of the liquid with a larger viscosity.
  3. Because the material evaporates in each tube and the heating time is very short, falling film evaporators suitable for food evaporation and concentration
  4. The evaporation process works under the vacuum effect, not only ensures the sanitary requirements of the material, but also ensures the requirements of environmental protection.
  5. The falling film evaporator is suitable for foaming material evaporation, because the liquid formed into film evaporation in the heating pipe, vapor liquid separation. While in the tube bottom, most of liquid is pumped out. There are not too much impact in the whole process.
  6. For food evaporation and concentration, the equipment can have bactericidal function at the same time. The material is preheated first and then enters the sterilizer, which reaches above 94 degrees, and maintains for about 24 seconds. That is to enter an effective body, and the material will flash quickly and the temperature will drop instantly.
  7. The equipment can be equipped with CIP cleaning system to realize local cleaning. The whole set of equipment is easy to operate and has no dead angle.

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