High saline Waste water is continuously produced in industry production. And the waste water needs to be treated continuously to recover the water for reuse and separate the salt. Some plant have boiler or steam source, some plant don’t have boiler. Anyway, more and more client like MVR Evaporator because of the lower operation cost. For example, for 1ton water evaporator, three effect evaporator may cost about 100CNY; But MVR Evaporator may cost only 40CNY. Because of the steam compressor investment, the total cost of MVR Evaporator is about 1.5 times higher than traditional evaporator. But the extra cost can be recovered in 1~2 years. And The advantages of MVR Evaporator can be much obvious from the 3rd year. The lifetime for one set MVR Evaporator is normally over 10~15years.

One of our client from Taiwan, they are very strong company in Printing and dyeing industry. And we have good cooperation with the client in Sodium Chloride waste water treatment. Recently, we finish the installation and commissioning for the trial plant MVR Evaporator. The target is to recover the sodium chloride in the waste water, return the salt back to production; the water can also be recovered for reuse. Thus, the production can be a green and sustainable process without pollution to environment.

For overseas client, we have different type of evaporators for option.

1) MVR Evaporator: MVR means Mechanical vapor Re-compression. The heart of the MVR Evaporator is steam compressor. For smaller capacity mass flow steam, roots compressor can be applied for better option; For larger capacity mass flow steam, centrifugal compressor is better option.

The steam compressor can compress the secondary steam to design level and reuse it to heat the raw material.

2) Self cleaning evaporator: This can also work with steam compressor and form MVR Evaporator. The advantages of self cleaning evaporator is that:

  • 3000+ hardness waste water can feed to self cleaning evaporator directly without pre-treatment.
  • We guarantee 60 days continuously working period, no need stop for cleaning.
  • Horizontal self cleaning evaporator can reduce the footprint and height, lower down the construction cost for client