Sugar cane and sugar beet are traditional raw material for sugar production. The main components of sugarcane are as follows:

  1. Water: 0~70%
  2. Fiber: 9~14%
  3. Sucrose: 10~16%
  4. Reducing sugar: 0~2%

When sugar content of sugarcane reaches more than 13%, it can be harvested and processed as a raw material for sugar production and sent to sugar factory. The sugar cane processing generally includes sugarcane crush, sugar juice clarification, sugar juice concentration, boiling, crystallization, separating, drying, weighing and packing and storage.

HSD Separation is specialized in sugar juice concentration evaporator; turnkey solution can be provided. The sugar juice concentration process, generally adopt single effect evaporator, multi effect evaporator, MVR evaporator or other types of evaporators. It is generally necessary to concentrate the juice concentration from 12~15Brix to 60~65brix.


We have design one set MVR Evaporator for Crushed sugar juice concentration for South Africa Client. The client with following conditions:

  1. Raw material inlet capacity: 20.5tons/h
  2. Evaporation of water: 15.8tons/h
  3. Outlet capacity: 4.7tons/h
  4. Other: Raw solution 15%, concentrated to 65% and discharge.
Crushed Sugar Juice Concentration Evaporator
Crushed Sugar Juice Concentration Evaporator

Considering the raw material without chloride and investment limit, we recommend SS304 for wetted parts.  The normal process including following steps:

Raw material inlet and preheating

The raw material solution under atmospheric temperature, firstly heat transfer with condensate water, and can be preheated to 63℃; Make full use of the heat energy inside the system and maximize energy saving.

Secondly, the raw material solution under 63℃ will heat transfer with fresh steam and can be preheated to 94℃. The steam consumption is about 600kg/h.

Evaporation in tube and shell heat exchanger

When the material enters system, the designed evaporation temperature is 75℃, the concentration 15%, evaporation 15000kg/h. The evaporator has six sets heat exchanger tube; raw material complete six times concentration from first set tubes to sixth set tubes in a relay manner. At the discharge point after sixth set tubes, the concentration can reach up to 65%.


When the concentration reaches the discharge requirement, the material is transported for collection through the discharge pump.

Steam compressor is the key equipment for MVR Evaporator system. For larger capacity, we normally adopt centrifugal steam compressor to get higher steam flow rate and reliable working performance. In this system, our centrifugal steam compressor is customized with following parameters.

  Item Specification
Design conditions medium Steam
Capacity (kg/h) 15000
Inlet Temperature(℃) 75
Compression temperature rise (℃) 20
Design specifications Shaft power(kW) 719
Motor power(kW) 900
Compression ratio 2.19
Impeller dia(mm) 732
Impeller speed(RPM) 12000
Max noise (1 meters)(db) 110
Impeller material TC4 High strength alloy steel
Volute material SS316L

For smaller evaporator system, roots compressor is adopted to give better compatibility. The normal flow rate for roots compressor is about 100kg/h~2500kg/h. However, the normal flow rate for centrifugal steam compressor is about 3tons/h~50tons/h. We can customize MVR Evaporator with roots compressor or centrifugal compressor according to the client’s need.

Crushed sugar juice concentration Evaporator
Crushed sugar juice concentration Evaporator